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Cool Monster Truck Games, Car Stunt & Tank Driving Games!

Monster Trucks are cool modified or built stunt cars, often styled after pickup trucks, with incredible huge wheels and a lot of power. The trucks are used in sports entertainment events like the famous 'Monster Jam' in competions where they mostly have to crush smaller cars or where they compete in an obstacle race inside arenas. Monster truck games are very popular nowadays and their objective is to drive on a offroad racing track, jumping over obstacles or automobiles, and trying to crush and smash things. As in motocross stunt games you often have to collect items or points and sometimes you can also perform freestyle stunts and tricks with the monster truck or car. This game category also has tanks and tank driving games as the famous and cool Turbo Tanks game.
You can play much more of this kind of games at Juggernarts Games: Monster Trucks.